Shortly after getting our Boulder Dash clone to a playable state and celebrating the fact that a game had finally been "completed", I wanted to create something more original and decided to create a roguelike.

Work on this new game proceed reasonably well and I had a playable prototype where you could run around a multi-levelled procedurally generated dungeon, each level of which was populated with items and monsters. The game was fully data driven using object composition rather than fixed inheritance. Components were a mix of C# and Lua.

Development of the game was halted and to date hasn't resumed. Plus, if I remember correctly I broke the OpenGL engine we use and so the game doesn't render correctly any more.

I recently found a bunch of screenshots from mid 2013 back when I thought I might do a sort of "Screenshot Saturday" charting how the game evolved. They show that I couldn't make my mind up about the HUD for the game, and judging from the last screenshot the monster generation is out of hand.

As I have no idea if or when this project will ever get resumed I decided to post these images as footnote to some of Cyotek's forgotten developments.

Resource Credits

The pixel art graphics are from a tileset called eight2empire; sadly this hasn't been updated since even before these screenshots were taken but it is still a fairly comprehensive set of tiles with features that other tilesets don't have. With that said, if/when this project gets put back on the front burner I'll be replacing it with something higher resolution.

I couldn't find any information to hand on the source of the graphics I used for the earliest HUD iterations - I'll update this post with credits when I find out. Some of the latter images are using elements from Golden UI.

Apparently I couldn't make my mind up which fonts to use either, some of the ones featured in the screenshots include Atari Classic Chunky (link not working at time of posting), Drakoheart Leiend, Barkentina 1 and 8bitoperator JVE.


Update History

  • 2017-07-03 - First published
  • 2020-11-23 - Updated formatting

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