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Archived posts for All of 2017

On Product Feedback

All Products 1 Comments

It's been a few months since the installation programs for our products were updated to request feedback on when the affected product is uninstalled. Since percolating through our different release channels we've been receiving more and more feedback, particularly regarding WebCopy.

What surprises me is that while the vast majority is anonymous "reason code" feedback without context, there is quite a lot of quality and useful feedback describing problems and shortcomings. Which is really helpful, and I wish I had thought to put this in years ago. (It was only after a third party tool I use prompted for feedback and then fixed the issue that my feedback related to that I belatedly thought "Oh, wouldn't this be a good thing to do".)

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Forgotten Developments 01 - The Roguelike

ForgottenDev 0 Comments

Shortly after getting our Boulder Dash clone to a playable state and celebrating the fact that a game had finally been "completed", I wanted to create something more original and decided to create a roguelike.

Work on this new game proceed reasonably well and I had a playable prototype where you could run around a multi-levelled procedurally generated dungeon, each level of which was populated with items and monsters. The game was fully data driven using object composition rather than fixed inheritance. Components were a mix of C# and Lua.

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Palette Editor 1.6; in and out

Cyotek Palette Editor 0 Comments

A new release of Cyotek Palette Editor is now available. The focus of this release is to expand on how you get data in and out of the Palette Editor.

To start with, the original Import Palette feature of previous versions has been replaced with an Import and Export Wizard. This provides the same import palette functionality of previous versions, but also now provides the ability to export the current palette to any other format.

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Transforming hyperlinks when copying websites

Cyotek WebCopy 0 Comments

Recently a website I infrequently use was badly defaced, and in the course of repairing the damage the owners of the site temporarily took it down. As I found it to be a very useful resource I lamented not having an offline copy and so when the site was restored, I decided to make a copy without further ado.

However, as I swiftly discovered, that was a problem - the site used JavaScript for many internal links, and WebCopy doesn't support JavaScript. Somewhat fortunately, when I looked at how the JavaScript links functioned, I discovered they were all of a predicable nature - a call to a single function with two string arguments. The destination URL was a simple concatenation of these arguments with no extra processing.

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Dynamic color schemes now available in Palette Editor (+ localization)

Cyotek Palette Editor 0 Comments

Back in 2014, I posted a brief article with a sneak peak at upcoming color scheme functionality and undo/redo support. While the undo/redo feature was deployed with the next build of the software, color schemes have been languishing incomplete and only available within debug builds for over two years. I'm pleased to say that finally that color schemes are going to see the light of day as the first step in making Palette Editor more than just a mere editor.

The Color Schemes feature originally demonstrated has now been tidied up and is available for general use. By selecting a base color, a number of different sets of harmonious colors are generated. The UI lets you easily add all colors in a set to the current palette, or individual swatches. You can learn a little more from the online documentation.

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Introducing Delete Profiles

Cyotek CopyTools 0 Comments

Since CopyTools was first introduced, it has supported the copying and moving files only. While files could be deleted, this was only as part of a mirrored profile job and not something you could directly control. CopyTools now has a new dedicated job type for deleting files from a source folder, along with new options for including files by date. I think this feature was first requested back in 2014 - it's been a while coming.

Existing builds of CopyTools require you to select your source and destination folders, and then choose how files are to be copied. Clearly that couldn't work with delete jobs as there are no destinations. So the Edit Profile dialog has been reworked so that the very first question you're asked is what you want to do.

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